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ection name behind a hash character as known from HTML. This links to [[syntax#internal|this Section]]. ... haracters or strings into images or other text or HTML. The text to image conversion is mainly done for smileys. And the text to HTML conversion is used for typography replacements, but can be configured to use other HTML as well. ==== Text to Image Conversions ==== Do
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fa-archive" dismiss="true"> **Repository Maok!** <html><a href="" title="Repository" rel="nofollow"> Here</a></html> </alert> </WRAP> </WRAP> </panel> <panel type=... title="Shared" subtitle="" icon=""> <WRAP group> <html> <div class="wrap_box wrap_third wrap_column plug... l="nofollow"> Repository</a></span> </p> </div> </html> <WRAP box third column> <typo fs:200%> {{icon>
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ed:formulaires:pregnancy:minipuce.png?240|}} \\ <html> <a class="btn btn-lg btn-success" href="#"> <i... i> You know what ?<br>It's...a girl !!! :)</a> </html> <doodle title="Jeremie et Pauline" auth="no... true|false" > * Garçon * Fille </doodle> <html> <a class="btn btn-lg btn-success" href="#"> <i class="fa fa-flag fa-2x pull-left"></i> You know what ?<br>It's...a girl !!! :)</a> </html>
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o_visualstudio2.png?36 |}}==== Dev ==== * [[dev:html:start|HTML]] * [[dev:php:start|PHP]] * [[dev:perl:start|Perl]] * [[dev:j2ee:start|j2ee]] * [[de
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t_48.png|}}**Developpement** * [[developpement:html]] * [[developpement:php]] * [[developpement:p
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licensed under [[|GNU General Public License]] Version 2. If you us
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ce-93/b-maison/5-pieces/loc-101-42815/fd-15970511.html *